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#1 28.05.2017 20:48:10

Registriert: 22.03.2009
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52 Capes

Laura, Markus

I love the latest photo set of 52 capes - how many capes do you have? I wish there was someone like you here in England, but I don't think that is going to happen. I will have to come over to you and see if I can beat the 52 capes record.




#2 28.05.2017 22:26:14

Ort: Kassel
Registriert: 05.05.2008
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Re: 52 Capes

I don't know exactly how many we have, but I am sure there are another 10 or 20 we can put on top, so 60 or 70 should be possible. The guy who made the 44 beginning this year wants to come back, so he will try to make the 55 or 60. But even if you will not beat the record, it will be a great experience for you. But keep in mind, this is a winter game, it's getting very hot with so many capes on the shoulders, I personally don't want to try in summer.




Brett Fußzeile

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